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Epoxy Resin: Create Beautiful Car Coaster Molds

Epoxy Resin: Create Beautiful Car Coaster Molds

There is something inherently satisfying about creating your unique designs for your home, personal items, and even as gifts. A new popular craft that not only looks visually appealing but is immensely satisfying to do is resin art.

Resin art is an unconventional and quirky creative outlet for newbies and experienced hobbyists. It uses epoxy resin, which is a type of synthetic resin that’s less toxic and harmful than the resin used for varnishes.

The versatility of resin lets anyone create any type of design they want, and creating a car coaster mold using resin is an excellent way to become accustomed to using epoxy resin and having beautiful coasters as well.

Why You Should Create Your Car Coaster Molds

Whether you want to keep your car clean or want to customize your car to make it look more your style, car coasters are the way to go. Not only do they protect your car from crumbs and moisture, but they add a personalized touch as well.

If you’re unsure about what to gift to your friends and family, then giving them a set of personalized car coasters by you can seem like a thoughtful and well-made present.

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, you’re going to need to get all the supplies needed for your car coaster creations. The items you will need are:

The epoxy resin you choose to use should be determined by its durability, clarity, and glossiness upon drying. If you’re working inside your home, look for a resin that doesn’t produce toxic fumes and can be safely used indoors. You can create a beautiful car coaster mold using resin with the right supplies and techniques.

What to Look Out For

You can find Beginner Resin Kits that have the dye, resin, and gloves provided. It’s useful for those who only plan on using resin for making their car coasters. There are special types of epoxy resin available that are scratch-resistant and heat-resistant.

Look for these special epoxy resins for your car coasters because they will provide a better finish and offer better durability than conventional resin. Traditional resin is thick and viscous, which makes it harder to work with, so stay away from them when you’re handling resin for the first time.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to consider adding Resin dyes, Alcohol Inks, or Pigment Powders to your clear resin for a better finish. Adding different colors to your resin car coasters

Mixing different colors in your car coaster mold using resin can produce beautiful and unique gradient effects. You can also choose to add glitter powder or small objects like pebbles, sand, dried flowers, beads, and so on if feel like your design requires it.

Preparing Your Workstation

Most cars have two differently sized cup holders in the front, so your coaster mold would also have to be the same size as your car cup holders. Depending on the size and shape of the mold, you will require a different amount of resin to pour into the mold.

Before you start, set your workstation so that you don’t accidentally mix your resin with something else. Choose an area that’s well ventilated and has enough light so you can clearly see how your resin looks. Cover the station with newspapers or scrap cloths in case any spills occur.

How to Create Your Car Coaster Mold Using Resin

Creating Your Resin Mixture

Begin by wearing gloves and setting your mixing cups on your workstation. Pour equal amounts of epoxy resin and hardener into your mixing cups. Use your wooden sticks to mix the resin and hardener thoroughly for about 3-4 minutes. Pour your finished resin solution into another cup and stir for another minute or so.

The finished resin mixture should be clear and not have any lumps or particles in it. If there are any pigments or colors you want to add to your resin, you can separate the clear resin into different cups and customize the color and shade of the resin in different cups.

Pouring the Resin Mixture into Car Coaster Mold

Any objects you want to add to your coaster should be placed in their ideal position in the coaster mold.

Your resin solution shouldn’t be too runny and should look like a paste once it’s in the mold. The resin will level by itself in the mold within a minute. If any bubbles are rising on the surface of the resin mixture, use your butane lighter to pop them. Do this from at least a distance of 4-6 inches.

After this, you can cover your car coaster molds for around four to six hours for it to cure. You can use a UV light to cure resin (if you own one) for a quicker process. After the first layer is dried, pour a clear layer of resin to seal in your car coaster design.

For Extra Customization and Design

Additionally, for more intricate designs, you can try doing multiple layers of resin to create more depth. Using a blow dryer can also create a splatter texture on your resin mold.

Final Steps

Cover your car coasters once again and let them cure for a full day before taking them out. Once you’ve removed the car coasters from the mold, you can decorate the edges of the coaster by painting or using decorative tape.

You can also sand the edges or polish the car coaster to get a clearer gloss and finish on your coaster. Apply the bumpers to the bottom of your car coasters to add the final touch to your unique car coasters, and they’re ready to use!

Experiment and Create Your Unique Coasters

Make your eclectic car coaster mold using resin and have fun during the creation process. You can create different coasters using different themes and switch them out each season or even week.

They make the perfect gifts for your friends and family, especially during big events when you need gifts in bulk. They can be customized in large batches and make the recipients feel special too.

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