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Chameleon Pigments

The Nerdy Birdy offers the highest quality Chameleon Pigments in two formats - mica based powder, and chameleon flakes. Our Chameleon Pigments are Cosmetic Grade. Please see individual listings for specific cosmetic usage. Chameleon Pigments have beautiful color change in a variety of applications including cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs, epoxy art, nail art, paintings, and more. All of our Chameleon Pigments are ethically sources and 100% vegan. 

  • Twilight Chameleon Flakes Intense Color Shifting Pigment
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    Twilight Chameleon Flakes

    from $5.80

    Twilight offers shades of Indigo, Purple, Pink, Red The Nerdy Birdy’s line of Chameleon Flakes are flakes of color-shifting pigments that can be u...

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    from $5.80