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Top 10 Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Top 10 Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Nearly 20 percent of Americans say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. While it often seems like the last few months of the year are just one long countdown until Christmas, there are still other ways to infuse some festive cheer around the other holidays. 

If your kids are looking for things to do and you are looking for easy thanksgiving crafts to do together, we have you covered. 

Here are the top 10 ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages this holiday season. 

1. Make Turkey Pumpkins

Need a way to make use of all those pumpkins you bought for Halloween and October? No sweat. Whip out the paint and get to work creating turkey pumpkins! 

This craft idea works especially well for those miniature pumpkins that were too small to carve. In addition to paint, you can also stick googly eyes on the pumpkins and feather to the back to make a tail. There is no such thing as too little decoration on these!

2. Build a Cornucopia Out of Beads

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a bountiful cornucopia on the table. Using just felt and colorful beads, you can create beaded corn to place as table décor. 

Tie about 7 or 8 pipe cleaners together at one end. Slide different colored beads on one at a time to each pipe cleaner. Leave about an inch of room at the top. Once complete, twist the extra inch of pipe cleaners together to create the top of the corn, and voila! 

3. Create Leaf Art

Fall foliage is one of the most beautiful sights during the autumn season. But it can do overtime and become the canvas for the kids to create art too! 

Grab some intact leaves from the front yard and make sure they have no bugs on them. Paint silly faces on them, create little leaf families, and glue them to a canvas.

4. Color Inside the Lines

Need some ideas for printable Thanksgiving crafts? Do a quick Google search to get some Thanksgiving-themed coloring sheets. This is a fantastic way to keep the kids busy, especially when it comes time to make Thanksgiving dinner. 

Plus, this is a great idea because you can customize the print-out to what your child wants to color. 

5. Make a Turkey From Your Hands and Feet

This is a perfect way to your unique "touch" on Thanksgiving crafts. But be warned, this fun craft could get messy!

Paint the bottoms of your child's feet a color that you want the body of the turkey to be. Be sure to paint the toes a different color. Once painted, have your child step onto a piece of blank white paper. Make sure they're pressing all the way down. Cut it out once it is dry. 

Repeat this process, but their hands. You can do multiple different colors during this step. These will create the feathers. Hang it up on the fridge when you're done.

6. Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

Who says Christmas gets to have all the fun? Gather up the kiddos and let them help you make Thanksgiving-themed sugar cookies using fun silicone cookie cutters

This is a great way to teach the kids about measuring, pouring, and cutting the cookies into shapes. Plus, they make for a great treat to bring to a party. 

7. Create a Gratitude Tree 

'Tis the reason for the season. Create a gratitude tree with your kids as a way to help teach them to be grateful for all the special relationships and things in their life. This is a great craft idea for older kids. 

Cut out a tree trunk from brown cardstock. Next, cut out fall leaves and stick them to the tree trunk. Have your kids write down things they are grateful for this holiday season. 

8. Make Colorful Turkey Headbands

This is a fun one! Instead of tossing the corn husks right into the trash, repurpose them for this easy thanksgiving craft.

Dry out the corn husks and glue the bottom to a wooden headband so they stand upright. They need to be dried out in order for them to stand up straight. 

Lay them flat and have your kids paint them in fun Thanksgiving colors or bright designs. Have them wear them while watching the Thanksgiving parade for some extra cheer. 

9. Spell Out Your Thanks

This is a great craft idea that can double as real holiday decorations. Paint wooden blocks in a variety of rust and orange colors. Paint letters on the face of the blocks to spell out your favorite Thanksgiving messages. Some examples are "Thankful" "Give Thanks" and "Be Grateful."

10. Bring the Outdoors to You

Another great way to get your kids involved with nature in a fun and artful way is to make pine cone turkey. Bundle up and go outside to collect pine cones that have fallen on the ground. 

You can rinse them out and dry them just to ensure that no bugs crept inside. 

Once dry, glue red, white, orange, and yellow feathers to the "tail" end. Hot glue googly eyes and a felt nose to the front. Put these in your foyer or mudroom as a sweet little way to hello every time you come into your home. 

Need More Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts This Holiday Season?

Making Thanksgiving crafts can be one of the best ways to not only keep your kids entertained as the days grow shorter, but are a great way to make fun, new traditions during the November season. 

If you are looking for affordable and high-quality art supplies for all your thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids, be sure to browse through the Nerdy Birdy online storefront. We have everything from paint and pigment powders to silicone molds, glitter, and more! 

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