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Glow in the Dark - White Pigment Powder


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Glow in the Dark pigment powder is a versatile pigment that has many potential uses including Epoxy Art, Crafts, Nail Art, Polymer Clay, Candle Making, and more!

Glow in the Dark - White Pigment Powder is safe for use in:
♥ NOTE: This pigment is NOT approved for use in cosmetics.
♥ Nail Art
♥ Wax Melts
♥ Resin

Usage Tips:
♥ Glow in the Dark pigments require light to charge them and achieve glow. Glow pigments charge best under UV light, some colors may not glow from indoor light.
♥ Always perform a small test batch for each new mica color. Although we do our best to test each pigment under a variety of conditions, different recipes, bases, epoxies, polishes, etc. may produce different results.
♥ Vary usage rates to achieve different effects such as a lighter or darker tone.

All Nerdy Birdy Pigment Powder is packaged in a resealable jar, unless otherwise noted. Glow in the Dark Pigment is a very dense material. Each jar is individually weighed to ensure appropriate quantity is provided.

The Nerdy Birdy is dedicated to ensuring all our products are safe for use. This includes ensuring that our products meet strict Ethical Standards. As part of our company policy, we strictly source products that are cruelty free, vegan, and never produced using child labor.

Sold by weight. Bulk quantities available, contact us for pricing and availability.

Ingredients: Strontium Carbonate, Alumina, Dysprosium Oxide, Europium Oxide

SDS is available here:

Note: This listing is only for the pigment powder. Images with pictures of product usage examples are for demonstration purposes only, and are not included with this item.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Summer S.
Summer 5 stars

Summer 5 stars

Chris L.
Perfect for what I needed. White/green glo...

Perfect for what I needed. White/green glow. Glows with very quick light from flash light. Haven't tested how long the glow lasts yet

Mollie 5 stars

Mollie 5 stars

Bonnie W.
Bonnie 5 stars

Bonnie 5 stars

Heather R.
nice glow. The color shift powders from t...

nice glow. The color shift powders from this shop are great.